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Yakima Taijutsu Martial Arts

Where "Protectors" Are Made!


What are Little Ninjas?

Our Little Ninja program is a Self-Defense class for kids 5-10 years old. Here they will learn the most advanced ways of defending themselves against:

Mental Abuse

Physical Abuse



Gang Violence

and much more...

Here we strive to have all of the students represent themselves as great people in, and outside the Dojo. We present awards for great attendance, and merits for their efforts in school. Here our Little Ninjas learn not to compete for trophies, but rather learn practical methods, passed down from the Ninja and Samurai families, of defense and getting home happy, healthy, and safe!

What does it cost to start?

$65 per month plus a one time enrollment fee of $100

How long is class?

1hr. each class

What days?


Mondays, Wednesdays

*Advanced Little Ninjas (Blue-Black Belts)*

Mondays - 6:30pm and Thursdays - 5:30pm

Why Taijutsu?

Taijutsu is the method of using in your entire body for self-defense. This means that children develop better balance, awareness, and focus for their entire lives. Other arts focus strictly on one aspect of the arts, like wrestling, boxing, or kicking. Here your child will learn to use all these methods, for their protection!

How to Enroll?

Because of the high demand, and for space availability we have a *2 Step Enrollment Process.

Step 1. Fill out the form below

Step 2. An Instructor will contact you to answer any questions and schedule a free Little Ninja Mini Lesson, and a 1 on 1 Parent Interview

Because all martial arts schools are different, and have different core values, it is our goal to make sure we are the right fit for you and your child. It is important to us that our school will help your child reach their fullest potential in a safe, challenging, but entertaining way!

Student Enrollment Inquiry

Please fill out the form below and an instructor will reach out to you to schedule an interview time. Our potential new students will participate in a private lesson with Sensei to evaluate student participation, and answer any questions that parents may have.

Because of capacity unfortunately our dojo can only take on a certain amount of new students at a time. Thanks for your application!

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Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

What Parents Are Saying...

"Thanks so much for providing this service to the community... our child son has learned so much!"

                                                                                                                                       "You guys are great! We can see the change in our child's confidence"

"My daughter was getting bullied at school, but learned how to put her hands up and stop getting pushed around.... Thank you!"

                                                                 "I wish I could have started when I was my child's age! This is what martial arts is all about"

Phone: 509-759-2019

Little Ninjas Student Creed:

Level 1 (White/Yellow Belts - White Stripe)

I believe in myself, I am confident, I can accomplish my goals. I believe in what I study, I am disciplined, I am ready to learn and advance. I believe in my teachers. I show respect to all who help me progress!

Level 2 (Blue Belt - White Stripe)

I make good friendships, I avoid being a bully. I always tell the truth, I avoid hurting people with lies. I have a good attitude, a healthy body, and a clear mind. I avoid doing things that make me sick, mad, or sad.

Level 3 (Red Belt - White Stripe)

I speak of health and happiness to everyone I meet. I avoid teasing and putting people down. I push for harmony and growth to bring out the best in everyone. I avoid causing doubt and division in others. I encourage everyone to speak from their heart. I avoid all rumors and gossip.

Level 4 (Purple Belt - White Stripe)

I am happy for other's victories as I am about my own. I avoid treating other's successes as the cause of my downfalls. I promote the enjoyment of life and encourage others with my smile. I avoid setting myself against my loved ones. I promote the search for personal truth. I avoid being trapped by small thinking.

Advanced Level (Brown Belt - White Stripe)

I finish my work as best, and as quickly as I can. I avoid putting off doing what I have to do, to help my situation. I push to be so strong that nothing can bother my peace of mind. I avoid the negative feelings of worry, doubt, and regret. I work to build love, happiness, and loyalty among all members of my family. I avoid putting personal benefits ahead of the ones I love.