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Yakima Taijutsu Martial Arts

Where "Protectors" Are Made!

Student Payments


What Is the TEN, CHI, JIN?

Foundation - Level 1 (White & Yellow Belt) - Take charge of the 

situation. Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of aggressors or

 "bullies". In this element you will study how to ground yourself and 

dominate the most common day attacks.

Defense Weapon: Hanbo (3 Ft. Staff)

TEN - Level 2 (Green/White Belt) - Learn the stepping stone to all 

Taijutsu (unarmed combat) used by the Samurai and Ninja of the feudal 

era. Here you will learn all the stances used in our art, plus a variety of 

body movements and techniques that will be the building blocks of your 

martial arts journey!

Defense Weapon: Kusari Fundo (Weighted Chain)

CHI - Level 3 Element (Green Belt) - Get ready to immerse 

yourself in combat and self-defense techniques that can easily be 

modified to use against and with weapons. There is no holding back 

knowledge at this level and you will learn expansive methods of Budo 


Defense Weapon: Kenjutsu - Sword

JIN - Level 4 Element (Green/Black Belt) - Action in Motion. This 

level is meant for putting your skill level to the test. Every technique will 

be honed to make sure they are ready when you need them. Learn 

advanced strategy and approaches to different defensive scenarios that 

will prepare you for your Black Belt journey!


What's the Cost?

Unlimited Classes (Taijutsu & Weapons) - $65 per person per month.

These classes cover our Elemental Unarmed Combat, Traditional Weapons, and Weapons of the Samurai and Ninja of ancient Japan, along with modern adaptations.

What do I wear?

All of our enrolled students: Wear a black traditional DoGi, indoor Tabi (Ninja Shoes) or socks, and a black, grey, or white TShirt.

Visitors: Feel free to come in whatever workout clothes you like. Make sure they are comfortable and you are not too attached (as you may get them damaged during training).

What Ages?

We currently offer 2 sets of classes. Intermediate and Advanced. 18 yrs of older

Why Taijutsu?

Although there are many different Martial Arts schools, and fighting styles, not all are created equally. Some will focus on winning tournaments, others will be focused on forms and dance routines, while few focus on real world self-defense.

In Yakima Taijutsu we focus on real world problems and answers! We do not compete. We do not wait for a bell to start. We do not focus on facing an attacker the same size as us (typically they will be bigger or think themselves stronger). We do not learn dancing, acrobatics, or flashy moves. The Ninja trains to get home, happy, and healthy! We train that you are already winning when you come home, and already are a champion amongst your loved ones! This is the "Art of Winning".

Since we are a private group, no longer operate a commercial school, and with current Covid restrictions please fill out the form below and we will contact you when an opening is available to join.